Change of Season

Colder weather, a smell of snow in the air. Freezing winds and dark clouds.  Leaves falling. Bare branches whipping each other. Crows and geese fleeing hurriedly in a southerly direction.Other foraging the last life-sustaining nourishment.
Harvesting Hope. Facing Cold, Death.

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Decaying Log


The old tree passed away many years ago, seasons flew by and a new life took over
At a slow pace, it goes thru a metamorphosis as new forms emerge from decay
Renewal eternal
Forever present

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Beauty can be found anywhere


Sometimes, You have to look way down to find the poetry of nature
It hides Beauty in many shadowy places


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A ride by Air Ambulance

From Wawa, Ontario to Sault Ste-Marie by air ambulance. Good view of the area, Lake Superior, and other things.

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A New Beginning.

It has been a few years since my last blogging venture. Mainly due to illness, I had to cut on my writings and others activities. I really missed the sharing of ideas and the contacts with many readers. Am now 69 years old and trying to be as active as possible. My little friend Pumpkin is still taking good care of me and me of him. 😀
I hope you will find something of interest in my postings and don’t forget to write some feedbacks.

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