A meeting in Paris

It could have very well been a meeting: it was me, one of my clients and one of my suppliers, and the 3 of us headed to Paris for 3 days.

It was January, the beginning of the year and we just weren’t ready to start the year at the crazy pace that is our normal, so we decided to take a trip, just the three of us, to escape from Lisbon, to get away from work and our routines.

Paris was nothing new to any of us, which meant it was even better because the only thing we had booked was the hotel, nothing else. No plans, no must sees in mind, just a trip to enjoy.

We spent 3 days walking under the rain and riding around in Ubers, in between matcha latte runs.


The store of our dreams and the best discovery of this trip. The coffee place where you feel like hanging out, and so that’s exactly what we did… we spent an entire afternoon here, just watching the rain outside and tasting a real French cake, they were all so beautiful.

Discovering this coffee shop was a coincidence, since we had another one in mind, but when we got there, the queue was so long that we gave up right away. And just around the corner was O/hp/e, so beautiful and peaceful. It has a decor shop inside and a small coffee and cake corner.

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