My name is Filipa Simões de Freitas, I’m a designer, mother, traveler, creative, addicted to Friends, notebooks and pens. My middle name could very well be airplane or coffee or communication. But we’ll get to that in a second!

I have a degree in Communication Design and while I studied, I was also getting my hands dirty working at a printer. I walked through the doors of several large advertising agencies where I let my imagination and creativity run wild every day. Always motivated by constant learning, I went back to school and got a postgraduate degree in Marketing & Business Intelligence. It was a turning point in several aspects, because it was here that I awoke to online communication. The experience was so interesting that in 2013 I officially became a freelancer and Lance Collective was born, a collaborative space where I work with other freelancers and where, above all, we are free to create. Fast forward four years and in 2017 A Base was born, the studio that I never dreamed of having and that today is my work base in Lisbon. These have been very good days!

Back to the airplane, to coffee and to communication: these were the ingredients that brought the idea of ​​this blog to life. After having created and maintained several blogs over the years, each one associated with the phase of life in which I was at that time, now it’s These Days turn…

These days… is my mainstream.

These days… are packed with design, photography and so many new projects.

These days… are unexpected adventures as a mom to two girls.

These days… I always keep my suitcase packed, ready to travel at a moment’s notice.

I really want to remember and talk about … These days!