If I can’t dance it’s not my revolution

When you have to entertain children at home days we create small games, and one of them that I encouraged to do at home is: It’s time to take pictures!

It is very simple this game and it is an incentive to like to take photos and to prepare themselves for such:

  • The photos are always in the same place with the same background: on the bed where in the end they can jump. What is the child who does not like jumping in bed?
  • You have to match the clothes between the two.
  • And then just do some poses for the photos.
  • In the end, each one also takes photos of the other.

The game is more for the mother to be able to take pictures of them than something else, but which is the mother who does not make games with the children with ulterior intentions? ­čÖé

But I also encourage them to enjoy photography and how fun it can be.

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