It does not take much to make time stop. Just go to Marvão, roughly 3 hours, by car and completely change the air. Here, in the old and already deactivated station of Beirã are the Houses of the Station. With several typologies, these houses are the perfect rest for any time of year, because Marvão is worth in any season. Hot in summer with pools, rivers, and shadows and cold, very cold in winter with the smell of the fireplace and rain outside to make your music. The first time I stayed here was in April, in my years, and we stayed in a house (Murta Grande) that comes to a very large family.

The Mystery of the train station

It’s beautiful and it’s sad at the same time. A train station so beautiful that is worth to visit and imagine the people who have passed through. Personally, I have a passion for train lines and stations, I like to see them, to visit, to make the line … The Beirã station is worth all this and more.

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