Why start a new blog?

I could say that I’m not very into blogs, I never really enjoyed writing and there are very few blogs that I actually read (I have a very short list of blogs I follow), but the truth is that I’ve already had 2 blogs.

My first blog

I called it Bond Girl and created it when I started to design blogs for Blogger/Blogspot. It made sense at the time!
With a minimalist design and very short posts, mostly related to my design work, I was able to grow my little blog. The goal was to reach new clients and show off my portfolio.
But with work going so well and all the changes in the online world, I quickly scaled from the blog to a website where I could promote my work. And Bond Girl ended here.

Tribe Land

It was my challenge to write more and to practice writing. I stopped being afraid to write and created the Tribe Land blog. After several years of designing blogs for clients, I created a new blog for myself. On this blog, I was writing at a distance from the site of my studio, where I maintained a more professional tone. With this blog, I could mix up subjects, articles, people and had so much freedom to write.
It was great while it lasted… work began to pile up and I stopped writing at Tribe Land. It’s still beautiful and online, so I can visit it from time to time.

And why invent another blog now?

As a designer, I realized I needed to create new challenges for myself. My design studio, Lance Collective, is thriving, it’s healthy and growing. But sometimes, we designers also have the need to create something new for ourselves, to get away from our routine.
I feel like writing about everything and nothing, registering moments, talking about them. To opinionate and to love and, above all, to be me.

These Days is my new blog, without obligations in terms of routines and publications. It’s the blog that I hope will let me enjoy these days even more, especially as a reminder to never stop doing exactly what I want to.

One of these days…

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